Welcome to my website. I am showcasing some of my work from various genres of photography that I am deeply involved in. Beginning, however, with a few words about myself.

The Sun had just entered Scorpio, with the Moon residing in Cancer and along the Eastern horizon ascended the constellation of Cancer when I was born. With three main protagonists in water signs in a horoscope make the native creative, and a dreamer.

My parents had an inkling of it. So they named me Swapan (meaning ‘dream’ in several Indian languages). However, with civil engineers ruling the roost for three generations they had dreamt that I would be one too. But, I had my own dreams.

I also wanted to see the world. It was a few months after graduating from Delhi University, on a fine spring morning, I found myself alighting from the boat train at Victoria Station, London with less than five pounds in my pocket.

Since then much water has flown down the rivers of the world. Initially, the intention was to study Architecture. However, meeting some of the ‘Who’s Who’ of the British Photographic scene had changed all that. A momentous decision was made to alter the course of my destiny.

For many years now I have been a photographer, initially working in studios and photographic departments of some of the leading Advertising Agencies and design groups of London, and thereafter operated from my own studio in Pimlico, near Victoria Station, where I had arrived not so long ago.

Eventually, returned to India, to Bombay as it was called then, to begin a new chapter, playing with Destiny once again, wondering if she would still be smiling at me.

It seems likely that she may actually be enjoying in charting my destiny. How else can one explain a fashion and beauty photographer winning for three consecutive years the title of the Beauty Photographer of the Year, and then winning, few years later, major awards for food photography in India?

Thanks to the largesse of Destiny there are awards a plenty – notably “Cityscapes” for Architecture from Cokin, France; “The World And It’s People”, awarding four bronze medals for images depicting street-life of London, and many others including the most recent awards for Architecture, Portraits, and Sports.

My clients are diverse, from multi-nationals in food, health-care, oil, etc., corporate to publications in life-style, including hospitality, fashion, food and travel. Combining my fascination for architecture with photography has also enabled me to work for a few leading builders and architects.

For the last few years I have been enjoying teaching photography to youngsters at Shari Academy of Professional Photography. For eight years I had also served as the Chairman of the erstwhile Advertising & Industrial Photographers’ Association of India, now known as the Photographers’ Guild of India.

In "The Gallery" you will see images, which span years, culminating in those, which were created only a few days ago. Hope you enjoy the show.

Many thanks for visiting.